A Danger of Ouija Boards

January, 2017

 I developed this Entity Attachment situation from my brief experimention with EVP back in the winter of 2015. 

I personally know others who have also developed the same condition after experimenting with EVP.

I also personally know others who developed this condition from other means of Spirit Communication such as Automatic Writing and using a Pendulum.

I have also seen a few written accounts of people getting struck with it after using a Ouija Board.

Now there is already plenty out there about the dangers associated with Ouija Boards. There’s entire books written about this subject.

I just thought since I mention EVP so much here in my journal that I should just mention that yes, absolutely: whatever other dangers are associated with Ouija Boards, one of these dangers is developing this condition of hearing intrusive and harassing voices.

I’ve seen it already mentioned a few times in various writings about the dangers of Ouija Boards but I’m just mentioning it again because this is such a serious matter.

When I say hearing intrusive and harassing voices at an extreme level, I mean very intrusive, very harassing and at a very extreme level. This as well is one of the dangers of using a Ouija Board. 

Yes, only a minority of people are probably at risk of this situation occurring from using a Ouija Board. But you’re probably not going to know if you’re in that percentage that is more vulnerable going in so in a very real way it is taking a serious gamble.

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