Clairaudience Psychic Attack

January, 2017

 Earlier this evening I was just browsing around on the internet. I’ve been doing this quite a bit recently. I wish that I wouldn’t and I’ll try and stop because I keep going to sites related to spiritual things, the paranormal, etc…

For quite a while after I developed this condition of hearing these intrusive voices, I was looking for answers or any insight that might be useful to me. So, I did read up a lot on spiritual and paranormal subjects. I bought a lot of books and spent a lot of money and I did read up on this subject quite a bit.

I wouldn’t say that I found a lot of answers, mostly just perspectives, opinions….which I expected. Recently, I just grew very weary of all of it and one day, I went around my condo and I threw away all of my books pertaining to spirits and the paranormal. 

Basically, all this was doing was making me think about all of this more. I did not find the magic solution to making these voices disappear for good. I was just filling my head with more notions about the paranormal and quite frankly, I just began to have a change of heart about all pursuing this research into the matter.

I don’t regret throwing all of those books away at all. To some degree, yes I’m confronted with this spiritual situation that is still very much ongoing, but filling my head with more stuff about it did me no good because so much of it was just speculation and theories and I get that this is just how it is but, it was just leaving me more confused in the end.  This isn’t really the type of field where there’s certified experts everywhere. People have many beliefs on the matter and that’s just what it is. But reading about this subject all the time just had me going around in circles and I just grew tired of it.

Maybe I can’t walk away from it completely in my situation, but I can try and I believe that there is something in trying to. So I’ve been trying not to research this, but just try and take my focus off of it as much as I can.

All in all I think I’ve been doing pretty good with this. I’m starting to get back into some of my old pursuits from before all of this happened. But, sometimes when I’m browsing the web, I find myself relapsing a bit and ending up reading about something pertaining to some spiritual or paranormal subject.

I relapsed with this tonight I’d say. I found myself reading a few web post and watching a few videos about clairaudience. All of these articles and videos that I found were from the perspective of people that thought clairaudience was a good thing in their lives and there were many people commenting on these websites that wanted to develop clairaudience for themselves.

I was not at all surprised by this. Opening up “psychic” abilities and perceptions is something that some people have always aspired to do. Maybe the idea of it is just more popular these days perhaps.

I guess I’ll be a voice that holds an opinion that comes from the opposite direction. Personally, I feel that if one is not currently hearing voices, then it would probably be best if they didn’t seek to intentionally start hearing voices. 

Obviously my experience with clairaudience has been a personal nightmare and struggle so, I fully admit that my opinion may be biased here. But I’ll tell you this, intentionally trying to hear voices with just your natural senses that originate from somewhere else is not always safe.

I really don’t believe it’s the kind of situation where you get this prolonged trial and error period where you can always make this turn out as you want it to in the end.  If you are successful in opening up a clairaudience perception and you start hearing the kind of voices that you didn’t want to hear, you could end up in a situation like my own and trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear these kinds of voices. So in summary I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you don’t hear voices, don’t intentionally try to, it’s just one of those situations where you’d be taking a huge risk.

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