Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication


January, 2017

  It’s been a mellow day so far. Last night the voices were a bit stronger than usual. It’s becoming clearer now that during the day I’m fine. If I’m at work or just keeping myself busy, sometimes I’ll still notice that they are there, but for the most part, I just hear faint chatter in the background and it really has little to no effect on me at all.

Unfortunately for now it seems though, they still rule the night. When I’m at home and things are quiet, or if I’m around some background noise at home, that’s when I pick up on the voices more. I guess one possible solution would be to find more activities or something that I can do at night to keep me more focused on something else. It’s my down time it seems that they  are the most present and noticeable to me these days. It seems like they’re trying to make their voices louder sometimes, by essentially speaking in a more frantic manor. I suppose they might be desperate to try and grab my attention, but why?, that’s the big question.

I’ll keep working on cutting them out of my life as much as possible.

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