Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication


January, 2017

I just saw another case of this situation recently where someone was experimenting with EVP for only a short time (1 month) and they began to hear voices outside of the recordings. That’s typically how I see many of these situations unfold. It usually strikes people when they are just starting out, usually within just a matter of weeks or a few months. I honestly do believe that it has something to do with a certain percentage of people being more open and therefore at risk of being struck with this condition. The contact with these spirits/entities is usually established fairly quickly and it usually becomes very intense within a short period of time if the person engages in spirit communication on a routine basis.

  The situation can progress so quickly that before one senses any sign of trouble, it’s already too late. They’ve attuned their hearing to hear these entities and these entities have tuned into them so to speak. Many who have been involved with EVP or other forms of spirit communication for a long time don’t even know about this danger of developing a condition of hearing voices at this extreme level.

When one is hit with it, they are usually hit with it early on. I rarely see it hit people who have been involved in spirit communication activity for years, that is on a routine basis. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just saying so far from the other accounts I’ve seen, when it happens, it usually strikes people early on when they engage in this type of activity. Aside from whatever other dangers there are with spirit communication, this danger of hearing voices is certainly one of them. 

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