Day 10

Present: Sharon





Sharon woke up with the shakes so she decided to take the morning off, didn’t realise that was an option. But thankfully Denise was up so she was able to help me get the horses out. She more than pulled her weight and her mucking out and Haynet-filling skills are improving greatly. 

Sharon went to Gibbs before coming to the yard so she didn’t arrive until around 2:30. By that time all that was left to do was haynets and water for Herd 2 and feeds. 

We sat and had a chat then got back to it. Sharon rearranged the feeds into the locker so the rats couldn’t get to it.

We fed the horses and did the haynets, all horses were well behaved today, even Amigo, I don’t know what’s gotten into them, I’m sure they will be back to normal by tomorrow.

Left around 5:30

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