Day 10 – 30 Days to True Health

What in the sam hell is going on outside?  I am sick of this cold.  Seriously, I didn’t even go to yoga tonight because my feet are freezing and I hate that!  

I feel better today, no nausea or….well, you know.  

I had a great day.  I visited my cousin and we had so much fun.  We never run out of things to talk about and usually run out of time before we’ve talked about everything.  I took my shakes and food with me and never felt the urge to sway or eat anything bad.  Even when I stood in line at Timmie’s for coffee (usually I use the drive-thru) and all those donuts stared at me through the glass, especially the ones with the sprinkles.  I love sprinkles, almost as much as I love gravy, but not today.  I’ve got bigger and better plans for my body than a few sprinkles.  I enjoyed my homemade clean Cream of Mushroom soup from my thermos and my hot black coffee!  

Tonight, because I cancelled yoga, I’m cozied by the fireplace catching up on email and chats with friends.  Loving my life.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt like this, so I marvel in it every day.  

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