Day 2

Im not feeling good. Mentally or physically. I got a tiny scratch on the ide of my computer anad im nurvous that i wont be able to exchange it now. I really need to get a different one.

i am just feeling sad and kinda depressed. my dad made me feel shitty tonight and my girlfriend is at school right now and she has her phone on her till 10:30 tonight and i always txt her wen i know she has her phone and she never responds. its so annoying because wen im with her she always is on her phone. i hate wen people are on their phones wen they are hanging out with me. its so annoying. like just be happy that u are with me. you dont need to be talking to others while you hang out with me. thats just rude.

im also not feeling good bc ive been sick and im still getting over it and i just wanna be better already and go back to school. i need to get out of this house and back to my life. idk just wish life was just a tiny bit easyer. we wet out to eat tonight and i arely eat anything bc i havent eaten all week bc ive been sick. i can eat like a cracker and then id be full. wtf.  anyways tats my life. 

and also im so weak tht i cant poop!! or shower or go up the stairs.  but now im constipted bc its too hard to poop and i hate my life!!!!!!

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