Day 317 – Work and stress makes me happy?

Monday, January 9th 2017

Back to school! Yay! :D… What, you expected a sarcastic yay? Well, usually I do that, but now I’m actually happy the holidays are over.

So I woke up, made sure I had everything in my bag, such as Kohai’s souvenir from Cuba, her Cursed Child book (that I forgot to give her), and Christmas gifts I haven’t given yet.

I had math first and met Kohai outside of the class. I was happy to see her again; it’s only been a few weeks, but I missed her. After that, I told my teacher if I could move my test to Wednesday, and she said yes, but I can’t do it during a math class, because we will be learning a lot since the exams are next week on Friday, so I will have to do it after school, which I’m okay with; it gives me more time to finish it, and usually our math tests are long, so they take 1.5-2 hours.

Next I had technology class. I gave my Christmas gift to my teacher and we had a short discussion about Rogue One and how he already watched it four/five times. He’ll also be dressing up as Saw Gerrera for his R2-D2 volunteer work. I finish my Photoshop work, meaning I only have to work on my X-Wing in Blender now and I’ll be done. We are starting our exam Thursday. It’s going to be something in Blender and in Photoshop.

Kohai gave me my Christmas gift and it was so much stuff—she didn’t have to give me so much, but she responded the same way I do when she tells me that, by saying “too bad”. I got a Batman Pop!, a Time Turner with Harry Potter stickers, an inside joke, a giant Nutella jar (yum), cute earrings, a bracelet made of my favourite colours (electric blue and white) and she drew me a cute Christmas tree on the card.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and we talked about our holidays and vacationing. Another close friend joined us and we continued the conversation. I also gave them their Christmas chocolates.

I then had cooking class and we discussed what we will be doing. A couple of jokes by our teacher saying she will be glad to not see us again after the exams later, we learned that we will be cooking Italian food, so basically pasta. Our group decided to settle on tortellini with broccoli, chicken and Alfredo sauce, my favourite.

I finished the day with programming class. I decided that it’d be best if I finished the two PHP works that I was stuck on quite a few weeks ago. I then noticed there was 6 more works to do. Since the exam will begin Thursday and we have to finish before then, I worried about not finishing on time, but I ended up not being stuck at all and figuring out what I did wrong quickly on the two PHPs. I texted Megg about having a lot of PHP to do in the bus and he said to work on it a little at home, so I decided to replace my gaming time with PHP work and I ended up finishing another work really quickly, so now I only have to do 5 works. I’m certain I can finish on time.

At home I showed what Kohai got me for Christmas, worked on PHP as I mentioned, ate supper, then proceeded to review what I knew and didn’t know for my math test. I checked mark the things I knew and left the rest to practice tomorrow. I also chatted with quite a few people about various things.

The reason why I’m stressed (although I don’t feel the stress, I’m just aware I am since my mind is going all over the place), is because of all the PHP and math work I have to do. Math since I have to do the test I missed Wednesday while reviewing everything and learning a new unity, so having to ignore the new unity so I can concentrate on that, then practice the other, though I’m confident in my plans on how to do everything and I’m happy of all this work, because I enjoy being productive and I hate boredom. Also, I realised whenever I think about what it’d be like being in the Hogwarts universe, I imagine that I would study hard there to be the best at magic that I could ever be, so why not be the best that I can be in this world?

Anyway, my friend sent me a link to where I can watch the first episode of Sherlock, so I am going to do that. I’m fangirling so much and I can’t wait to see it.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 317 – Work and stress makes me happy?”

  1. I don’t think the work and stress is what made you happy.

    It’s how you viewed the work and stress that you have, that made you happy. As long as you keep viewing the work and stress in the same way you do now, you’ll feel great that you have all these challenges and obstacles to face.

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