4 thoughts on “Drugs”

  1. I don’t know if anyone can make sense out of it. People take drugs for a number of reasons and excuses. There is no singular reason but each person has their own reason or excuse. Those range anywhere from peer pressure to real or imagined pain. The number of reasons for trying different drugs is what keeps the new drugs coming. Once a person is hooked on drugs it is a difficult habit to break.

  2. For me it was a social thing. A lot of ppl in the community I grew up smoked pot. I was so exposed to it that it seemed like an ordinary thing to try it. Wish it ended there, but it didn’t. My friends drank, took pills, used coke, and eventually heroin. I fell down that path too. My past habit is my own fault, but it really had to do with me choosing the wrong friends.

    Today I’m lucky enough to be in recovery and 2 years clean. A lot of my friends are not so lucky.

  3. Well we only live once right? Why not try out every possible experience that you can, so that you can die without any regrets? If you see your friends taking drugs and talking about it daily, and they seem fine, healthy, and happy, you may decide to try drugs yourself too just to experience what it’s like.

    I’m not advocating drugs, I’m giving a strong reason why a person would want to take drugs.

  4. Glad to have three different point of views..thanks alot! 🙂

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