Is the Zodiac accurate…? Asking for a friend.

It’s been awhile and I’m hell of a lot healthier. I’m in school, working and 3 months from graduating. *Fanfare*

I got involved with some guy who turned out to be extreme lame. We were never an official thing and we kept it pretty low key but I was over it in like 2 months when I realized how much of an asshole he is. He’s quite narcissistic and just self centered. I mention my other friends (T.P. Guy, PC Man, DB) he gets jealous. He doesn’t say anything because he’s quiet, but he will just completely  ignore anything I have to say about them. And the 3 of them have been very good friends to me. He actually sometimes just doesn’t even talk back whenever I get excited over something, which is a lot.

If it doesn’t pertain to him or something he’s interested in, he doesn’t really care. I’m not cool with it. My mind runs a mile a minute there isn’t a time I’m not playfully questioning the existence of something I like to hear peoples insight. I like to see a light in people. He does not have a light. 

But as of recent, I’ve been hanging out with TPE guy a lot more along with his friend, DB. And TPE guy ironically, thinks I’d be perfect for DB. And I’m honestly not against it. Out of the 3 he has voiced the most, how attractive he thinks I am. 

“Miss Alicia Keys ~ <3”
“You’re gorgeous!”

He usually exclaims when I visit his work place. 

HOWEVER. He’s been hurt really bad and is very skeptical of women. He’s a Taurus and I’m a Leo. They don’t get the BEST descriptions but… this one is okay…

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  1. Taurus’s require a great deal of attention & validation. When they get along with Leo’s, forget about sparks. It’s full blown fire works.

    Are zodiac signs accurate? Sort of, but at the same time they are fairly general. There is more to it than just birth month. Time of birth also helps for a better astrological reading.

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