Living wit someone

Damm..this mf so irresponsible wit his money!! I cant make decision on wtf he do wit his money but damm…dont get me wrong rent is paid..but his personal shit need to be taken care of and i fucken refuse to take care of a grown ass man..this mf… shit that he literally dont need but want..cant get the shit he needs…cant contribute to food..for fuck sake..cant even make it to the job!! But wanna send out some money basically donating..and expect me to cover his expense..mannn im done..when i say “bitching, naggin, controllin” well dont get mad when u aint got no food in ur stomach..cuz ur dumbass dunno how to budget ur funds…and i aint supporting ur decision…why the hell send some money when u cant even take care of yourself!!?? Possibly if u owe someone..but thats not the case here…

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