After school today, I went straight for the hair salon. My father has got a friend that is a hair stylist, and managed to get her to fix my hair for prom. When I got there, we started talking about what my dress looked like, what I would prefer my hairstyle to be and she told me a bunch of stuff that I need to buy in order to get the look that she thinks would fit me. 

The prom is next thursday, and I think I’ve got everything sorted out:

The day before, I’ll get my bestfriend to do my nails. I have zero experience in nail art, and cant even put nail polish on myself. So, first think I did was to call my bestfriend and make sure she finds out something to do with my nails. I’m confident she will find something nice for me, since she knows me very well and knows that I’m completely the opposite of careful.My other bestfriend, knows alot about makeup. I’ll bring her with me home the day of the prom and she will put on my makeup and help me get ready. Thought after my hair is fixed.

Also, my prom parther is a girl from my class. We did not get to decide on our own who our partner was gonne be. It was random. Or atleast, thats what they say. My close friend is really uncomfortable with the guy she ended up with, and he doesnt really want to be with her either. So all 4 of us want to change partners, since we payed so much for it, and the partner selection was unfair anyways, we should be able to change. 

BIG QUESTION: What do you fix first? Hair, makeup or the dress?


3 thoughts on “Prom”

  1. Make up, then dress, then hair. Otherwise (unless it is a step in dress) you’ll muss your hair pulling your dress on. You don’t want make up on your dress, so get that done next. Then the grand finale —- Your DRESS!! You will be beautiful!

  2. Maybe someday I’ll see what a prom actually looks like. Have only heard about it.

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