The beginning

I am currently sick, half asleep on Nyquil, and thought making one of these accounts would be a great idea! When I wake up tomorrow morning I won’t know what the hell I was thinking, but I’d still go along with it and write when I can. 

So who am I ? who is this mysterious girl hiding behind a computer screen writing diary entries? 

I am a girl who lives a double life. I save lives while I am destroying my own.  I pick people up while I’m bringing myself down. I am a quiet, shy little 18 year old who has demons in her head that brings out her dark side. 

So… Get ready for some fucked up shit. I have the day off and will update my current situation. 

Honestly? I don’t care if nobody reads this, and I don’t care if the entire world reads it either. I will not give out anything that could hint who I am.

One thought on “The beginning”

  1. girl im literally in the same boat. And supprizingly have a lot in common with u.

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