Tuesday January 11th

I thought today was starting out so well. I knew where my keys were, my phone was, all my stuff. I got to school plenty early, and had a plan for the day. And then my first period class about killed me. It’s the constant blatant disrespect, complete disregard for the rules, and just plain rude behavior that is killing me. It was not this bad last year. I literally cried. I had to call for admin to come get a kid and when they came, I left the room and cried for a few minutes. I am overwhelmed. This child had gum in her mouth, was out of her seat constantly, talking, interrupting, doing whatever she wanted. I took the trash can to her, had her spit the gum out, and she put another piece in her mouth and began chewing it. Blowing fucking bubbles. There is absolutely no discipline in this school whatsoever. I am so exhausted with it. I have never seen such a shitty excuse for a leader. When the principal is a weak leader, the whole school falls apart. I am so ready to just be done. The behavior is getting worse and worse because the kids see that no consequences are being administered, so why the hell not act like an idiot. It makes me cry because these kids need an education more than anyone. They will never escape poverty if they don’t figure out how important school is to them. 6th grade is young to have an understanding of that, but if they are allowed to act like heathens now, they are learning nothing and will not be able to keep up when they finally do grasp it in high school. It is such a shame. I give everything I have to these kids, but if I have no admin support, I cannot be effective. 


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