All Work and No Play

Today was quite a day.  I had all the plans in the world to go to Roller Derby practice today, but life got in the way.  We’ve been having problems with our phones at work and when a repairman finally made his way out to our office, I was not leaving until I was sure that it was fixed.  When customers call to schedule tours and lodging with my company, I like to make them believe as well as I can that we are a class act, when in reality I am in a cramped cabin office, huddled over a space heater, working with internet services that are barely a step above dial up, praying that they can’t hear my office manager cussing out AT &T service providers on another line.  

By the time the repairman got done I was a half hour later than normal.  I have nearly an hour commute from work.  Derby starts at 7, I wouldn’t normally get home until 5.  Now I’m looking at 5:30.  On my way home I have to stop and pick up brochures from a coworker because although we have about 10,000 brochures somewhere in our compound, I can only locate 3 today.  Meeting her saves us having to search about 100 acres for brochures that will certainly turn up accidentally when someone goes to look for some other necessary thing that we can’t find.  On the drive home I find out that my husband’s cold has gone from a mild annoyance to “for the love of all that is holy, get home and help me write my will,” so I have to stop and get medicine.  My husband nursed me through my cold, bringing me trays of soup, tea, and ginger ale for about 3 days, so I really couldn’t just come home and throw raw chicken and Mucinex at him and run off to play derby with my girlfriends without feeling some remorse.  So, I stayed home, cooked dinner, helped Alex with his homework, played with legos and got Alex to bed.  

If I play my cards right, I’ll get to practice on Thursday.  I’ll look forward to that.  I am also looking forward to tomorrow.  I have to be in the office at 8, but I get to go out on the zip lines at 11, which really makes the day fly by.  The days that I get to get out of the office and work outside are the best days.  I am grateful that there is the office work to do, however because in the off season it would be a long time between pay checks with out it.  

I better get to bed.  6 AM comes quick.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  



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