Am I busy or slacking?

I have been very busy since the start of this year.

Got myself an internship at the end of last year, became the Media and decor head of a society and then got myself a part time job on the last day of the year.

Work form all sides started all together.

This is not the whole story. Finals are coming up and in this semester I had subjects and all of them had final projects.

Today was the final presentation of Psychology and the Project Evaluation of “Enterprise Application Development”.

Quizzes are being held every day.

This is also not the whole story. On Friday a Coding Competition is being held my society and being the Decor head I started preparing on Monday.Work given from Internship also had its deadline on Monday.

Yesterday there was a quiz of “Data Base Administration” and tomorrow there will be a quiz and asignment of “Theory of Automata”   

I am also designing stuff for the coding event and I have been going on my job 5 days a week. 

Now the slacking part….

My little bro got sick and he was recommended bed rest for 15 days. He tutors some kids and thus I had to tutor which I didn’t mind at all, I used to tutor them during my vacations. I went only one day to tutor them….

Tomorrow is my quiz and an assignment submission and yet I sit here reading journals and writing my own. 

My daily routine

Wake up for morning prayer at 6.

Go to University at 8:30

Free form University at 1:00

Eat, Pray, Study in Uni until 3:00

Job near Uni at 3:00

Free form job at 5:15

Pray in Mosque

Home at  6

Should go to the Tutor thing at 7:00 which I don’t(Slacking)

Waste all the remaining time.

Picture taken today. I don’t have a camera cell phone thus I don’t have many pictures of myself, the pictures I have are the ones taken by friend randomly just like this one.

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  1. I have two younger brothers and yes one of them is your age.

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