Hearing Voices After EVP


January 30, 2017


Things were pretty mellow for most of the day but it seems like “they” waited until I went to bed to start trouble.

I was getting hit with the physical disturbances pretty bad. It felt like something was clinging to my back.

Then a faint voice was shouting stuff into my ear, the voice was faint but I could feel a breath hitting my earlobe, that was more noticeable than the voice I’d say.

I’m on my second dose of sleep-aid and about to have a third, it’s almost one in the morning and I have to work tomorrow so I need to end this as quickly as possible

I flat out told “them” tonight to get lost, that I have to work tomorrow and that I don’t have the luxury to just loaf around all day running my mouth all day like they do……I don’t think that they appreciated that very much….not that I really care though…..the Battle for Sleep continues and I remain defiant against my oppressors.

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