The Battle for Sleep continued

January 30, 2017

11:32 pm

 Yeap, just as I thought, as soon as I got into bed “they” were hitting me with the physical disturbances.

They also turned the voices up a notch a bit. The all too familiar younger sounding female voice that I call    “Pippy the Nazi” was acting all frantic again.

I was also hearing this deeper, almost robotic sounding voice for a while. I’ve heard this voice or this type of voice on quite a few occassions.

I’m not sure if it’s a different voice or if “they” just alter their voices every now and again. I believe that they can.

“Pippy the Nazi’s” voice is pretty much always present whenever I’m hearing the voices.

She has always been and still remains the primary tormentor in my situation. She’s a real basket case, a total nut job, ahh it just feels good to insult her like this. Perhaps I’ll make a few post just talking shit on her. That would totally allow me to vent I think.

Well, I’m going to turn in again. The Battle for Sleep continues.

All in all with my situation. There’s been much progress during the day. But as of right now the nights are still a struggle and a fight.

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