Day 14.5 – No longer content

January 11,2017

I am embarrassed to say how much my mood has changed. I don’t even remember writing my entry from today but I remember the feeling. I felt productive and content with my health progress. Somewhere in between my mood changed and I called out of work. I said I was sick and could t come in, even told my husband I was sick. I did nothing all day. I watched TV and did some stretching and ab work outs, but nothing truly productive. 

I am sitting here absolutely amazed how everything changed. Hopefully tomorrow I can pull myself together, go to the gym and make myself happy again. I did try green tea today, it’s supposed to be good for you. It’s amazing to me that I don’t even remember writing that last entry. Ugh. But that’s me … 

I guess my BIO is right… I’m really trying to find out my perspective. Am I half full or half empty? 

Tahsa Out😘

2 thoughts on “Day 14.5 – No longer content”

  1. Well. Everyone says “There’s always tomorrow” or “There’s always next year” but there those events never happen. If you want something done, you have to do it now. Not tomorrow, not next year, today, this hour, this second.

    How many times have you said “I’ll do better tomorrow” and then the next day you do the same thing – watch TV?

  2. I don’t think TV is wrong. It’s when you want to do other things, and instead get stuck to watching TV, that’s when things go wrong.

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