Humiliation, Anger and Rage…

My Boss decided to act out, to yell and berate me over a procedure we have been doing, something initiated by years ago.

I had attempted to get a crew to work with us today, but due to weather and wrecked vehicles and shortage of staff, we are behind in the program. I explained to my Boss that I had spoken with the operator about going out, but he said no as his truck is down due to a wreck. The other two trucks were stilled because the other operator was off and the other one is brand new and they are NOT using it.

My Boss yelled at me for asking the operator, but before I could explain that the Foreman was off , he was yelling that I had asked the wrong person that the operator only did what he wanted to do, meaning he avoided work. My Boss would not listen and he called the other department, even calling the Foreman on his private line, but got no answer. Then I get berated about not getting the program going as if it is all my fault! He screamed “bullshit” and slammed his cell phone down and yelled at me to go and do my inspections for the day and he would get this straightened out later in the day.

My Boss acted like a little bitch!

I was hurt, humiliated, upset and angry. I have been doing a job that is 4 pay grades above me and I do an excellent job. Other employees filling in for me have been given copies of my reports and told this how the Boss wants the job done. And now because my Boss is having pain in his back, (in private he came to me about my surgeon, I calmed him and made him feel better), and he has family issues too, he takes his frustrations out on me. FUCK him!

I do not have to speak to this fuck about anything other than my job. The little chummy talks when his pain meds have him stoned, and questions about pipelines and construction, no more. If he cannot figure it out, fuck the fool!

So I stayed in the field all day instead of going to my office for lunch. I do not come back in until minutes before time to clock out. The normal everyday data entry will now be left to build up til I have a huge pile and have to spend a full day in the office.

I used to really enjoy my job and did not mind the Boss’s mood swings, yeah, he appears to be Bi-Polar.

But today was the last straw.

I started looking for a new job, a factory making car parts has opened and I was checking out the available jobs.

Hopefully I can avoid the asshole tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I documented everything and next time he does this I am filing a grievance against him!

I suffer from PTSD and Explosive Personality Disorder, I do not need this shit!

I will not be humiliated by this bastard when I have done nothing wrong.

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  1. I’m sorry. That sounds like a terrible day. My boss does something similar and it totally sucks. I hope that you are able to find a better job where you are treated a lot better.

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