Alright, I slept all day today and now I’m probably not going to sleep tonight so I guess I’ll write.  Even though  I have to get up for work at 8AM, whatever. I don’t want to get into the details of my job, but I will say that it’s a very stressful job at a hospital. I consider myself very lucky to have such an important job at 18, but I do complain about it.

There is a man in my life, kinda. He’s such a sweetheart and it’s amazing knowing someone likes you so much. Our emotional and sexual attraction towards each other is absolutely crazy. We connect so well and we can sit down and talk for hours.

He’s 31, I’m 18.

It’s a taboo and I hate it. He’s scared to give me affection in public because he doesn’t want anyone to give him a hard time, and yeah I guess I don’t blame him but I don’t understand why it’s anyone’s business? My family doesn’t know, my friends don’t know, neither do my co workers. They honestly don’t deserve to know. Everyone is so judgemental but I mean I’m happy and he’s happy so who cares?

In case you were wondering, I made the first move. I went looking for him. My last boyfriend who I had so much love for randomly stopped talking to me and started dating someone else, I was just left in the dark. So what did I do? How do I combat this sadness and loneliness? You make a tinder of course.

I was on a mission to find someone older that could actually treat me right. I was done with guys my age. I want maturity. I swiped right on him. I messaged him. I gave him my number. It was me. 


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  1. It’s difficult to date someone that much older. However you are both concenting adults the important thing is that you are happy and he treats you well but you should tell someone about your relationship for safety reasons. I hope you are happy and keep a healthy relationship.

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