New friends

I need some new friends…Im an outgoing person and have friends since middle school or meet new people thats about the same thing in this city. As life goes..we all go different route. I guess Im writing this is because I realize there’re things I wanna do and have no one to do it with. They just not interested or more like short on funds. I mean I can’t be wrong for this?? Especially when I have someone here and when I ask for joint in activities, its always not his type of thing ot not in the mood…dont wanna hang out. I mean..if I just venture out and do my own things and happen to leave everyone behind and switch my circle…I can possibly feel free and alive. A part of life is to find who you are and what you like to do. Maybe I’m just fearing of losing everything to all the unknowns. But I got to try!! 

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