She’s really gone, like really. Yeah it happened she moved to another city & I’m so sad.


I’ve been home sick for the past two days but I’m comin back to school tomorrow, without her. It happens that I’m gonna have to deal with all that rude ass bitches asking me “where’s she ?” , “did she left ?” , “is she okay ?”. Uaaauuuuuuuu, I appreciate your concern but I would rather if u not talk to me. Thank u .

Anyways, wish me luck 

One thought on “Now”

  1. I feel bad for you, as apparently a good friend has moved and you feel alone. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but life is a continuous series of hello’s and goodbye’s. Perhaps this is one of your first or maybe most important goodbye’s, I don’t know. Although it is sad I am certain you will make a new friend. Stay in touch with whomever has left and try to enjoy their new journey. Many, many people will come and go in your life. From each relationship you will be rewarded with great memories. You will also learn and grow from each relationship.

    Just an old lady who happened upon your post.

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