Over The January Hump

The night before last I wrote an icky sticky gooey entry about The Man. Yesterday morning when we woke up he was all lovey dovey. It’s like somehow my thoughts, unspoken, drifted straight into his brain. I have that kind of effect on people. Usually when I have a phrase, song, or idea stuck in my head some one will verbally voice it word for word.

Snoochie had a panic attack yesterday as well as the day before. She also expressed some concerns about breathing funny. We have an appointment for this morning. I don’t know what the doctor will do medication-wise. A part of me wants it adjusted, but another part of me is concerned about her mental state if it is not a strong enough dose.

I had to call out of work yesterday evening. I felt terrible doing it, but I have to put my daughter first. I have asked Big Boss to put me on more days and less nights. As usual my plea fell upon deaf ears.

I won’t lie though. I loved being home with the kids. I made spaghetti. I’m a terrible cook, but spaghetti is really easy to make. While playing home maker I also did a few loads of laundry and fixed the vacuum cleaner. The belt broke.

We are slowly beginning the search for a new house. “When we move… blah blah blah” is a constant, buzzing phrase said on a frequent basis. I know we need a house with atleast 3 bedrooms, a nice yard, and must be pet friendly. I would rather be crammed in this tiny house than not have the cats. Being without them is not an option. We also want the ability to install specialized shelving so that we can create a “kitty high way” along the upper walls of all the rooms.

Tomorrow is Deedee’s 15th birthday. It’s what I would consider to be a mile stone birthday because she will officially be eligible to receive her driver’s permit. When I was around her age I could not wait take the test to get my permit until I was 16. I enthusiastically counted down the days. Deedee could care less though. The responsibility and privilege of driving scares her. Never the less I still want her to get her permit. She doesn’t have to use it.

The Man and I have discussed what rules we will utilize as our kids come of age to drive. No texting and driving… infact, keep your phone in the glove box. No drinking and driving (no brainer). No friends in the car. No driving after dark. No driving on the interstates. I think that covers most of them.

I have today off. Yay!!! Other than Snoochie’s appointment I have no big plans for the day.

I’m expecting 3 packages in the mail. I ordered them mid-December. I am expecting K-pop merch that is coming all the way from Korea for Deedee. I ordered a neko sweatshirt for Snooch. The 3rd is some books off of amazon. I currently rock a Samsung Galaxy Prime for a smart phone. It, as the name implies comes with a free Amazon prime membership. I like the phone as well as the free shipping on my amazon orders, but man does it take forever!

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  1. Thank you for your reply.
    Currently she takes risperdal, zoloft, and sleep medication. We have narrowed down the breathing issues to the risperdal. The breathing issues are separate to the panic attacks, but both are equally frightening.

    At the appointment today the medication & dosages were not adjusted, but we will continue to carefully moniter the situation. Our next appointment is Feb. 8th.

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