January, 2017

When I first started hearing these negative voices outside of the recordings, it was mostly through sources of background noise, like I’d hear them coming over the noise of a fan, and running water…imagine taking a shower and getting harassed by menacing voices, that’s essentially what it was.

Pretty much anything that made a steady noise, there would be these voices emerging from it. If I went to do laundry, I’d be getting cursed out by voices coming from my laundry machine. If I was driving with the windows down on a windy day..I’d hear a ton of voices, even just the sound of passing cars would seem to turn into voices, I remember once where I was on a busy road and the sound of each passing car made a word, and the more cars that passed, I’d hear phrases…it was truly bizarre

I remember a few times hearing them coming in over the noise of my car engine quite strongly, so your sitting there driving and you’re getting harassed by voices emerging from your car.

I started recording in early January, 2015, I’d say I first started hearing “them” outside of the recording in late February, then I quit doing EVP, but that made no difference at this point. All of March was this period of escalation where I kept having more and more incidents of hearing these voices, it got worse by the day, this is also when the physical/bodily disturbances started as well.

The physical stuff started with these jabs in my lower back as I was trying to sleep at night. I would just have gone to bed and literally it felt like a finger coming up out of the mattress and poking me in the lower back, it was a sharp jab, it was actually painful, this messed with my sleep big time for a couple of weeks, it’s also when I first started having to rely on sleep-aids, but they weren’t always that effective.

Then I’d feel these vibration sensation on my body, real intense sometimes. I remember a few times where I woke up feeling it, then other times it would just happen randomly, like I’d be sitting on the couch and it would just start up from out of nowhere.

During this escalation period to, I’d go into work, and find voices mails with EVPs embedded on them, I shit you not, I remember one of them said something like “we’re coming for you.”

the malevolent entities are masterful at psychological warfare, all that month they kept turning it up a notch by the day, they were very methodical.

Then in early April, the shit hit the fan all at once.
In March, I kept having more and more of these incidents of hearing these voices with just my ears, but it wasn’t on a constant basis yet, it would just be sporadic throughout the day.

But I remember it well, I was at work one morning in early April, and all of a sudden I just bombarded with voices from everywhere. This time I was also hearing them in my head as well as over backgrounds sounds which was very unsettling.

I remember it was so bad that morning, that I told my boss I was sick and just got out of there, it was raining that day and just the sound of the rain hitting my car on my drive home seemed to multiply the voices

I think I probably called out of work that entire week, the voices were relentless, they were much more intense now to and they wouldn’t stop, it was around the clock non-stop harassment from these voices. I think I went something like two weeks only getting like 3 hours of sleep a night on average. I tried to take sleep aids but they often didn’t help much, the voices and the physical disturbances were just too intense.

Eventually I was so out of it that my sisters dragged me to a doctor where I got put on Ambien for a while, which helped with the sleep issue some.

Things stayed pretty bad like this for a few months, this is the time when people can get real desperate. I remember some of the voices were so strong that they seemed to generate shock waves that made the very ground shake, another woman I know that went through this said that during the daytime, she’d hear what sounded like a helicopter hovering right over her house and the sound of someone shouting at her from a bullhorn, but it went away at night.

when this perception first opens and this oppression begins it can seriously knock you on your ass.

and these voices would play some serious mind games during this times as well, they’d make all sorts of contradictory statements that didn’t make sense, they’d play good cop/bad cop, where you’d get these menacing voices torturing the hell out of you, but then you’d get these other voices that acted like they were trying to help you, but eventually I realized that there was something just not right about them to and it was just leading to more confusion, they mysteriously went away once I started to become suspicious of them.

These voices would tell me that they were going to execute me all the time. On many occasions I’d hear “you’re execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning”, and when all this was first going down and I was all out of it, yeah this used to freak me out big time

but, my “Execution” never took place, they always said “you’re execution has been delayed”

one night they put me through this sort of trial, where they told me if I went to this room, there’d be deceased family members waiting for me to take me to heaven, they had me running from room to room that night, whenever I went into a room, there’d be nothing

but I did see them that night, best way to describe it was, if you remember the movie Predator, when the alien was cloaked, you just saw this distorted outline of a form, that’s pretty much what I saw, but they were just doing it (putting me on trial) to basically make a fool of me, they want to get you into a place mentally where they can manipulate you.

eventually, after a few months of this hellish nightmare, I started to wise up to the fact that these entities basically talked a lot of shit, that their threats were pretty much empty and they weren’t nearly as powerful as they made themselves out to be.

it was a long, slow and painful process, but I eventually got a handle on my anxiety and the strength of the voices began to subside considerably.

I still hear them today, and I still experience the physical disturbances at night, but it’s no where near as bad as it was back in the spring and summer of 2015. I’ve become pretty much desensitized to most of it these days

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