My mum and I went to the appointment yesterday and the guy we saw was really nice. He is going to draft a reply letter to Wills’ solicitors and e-mail it to me tomorrow and I can e-mail back whether I’m happy for it to be sent or not. He said I could say if I wanted to add anything or change anything. I was so nervous yesterday it was unbelievable. The solicitor I spoke to said that to him Will was taking an overly drastic measure for what the problem actually was and that he didn’t even think this required mediation. He assured me these types of cases rarely go to court and if Will wasn’t happy and still wanted to take me to court the court would say he had to try mediation first anyway. He also assured me that no court could stop me breastfeeding. I said that Will was always welcome to see Harry and he rarely takes up the opportunity. I also said something made no sense with wanting Harry for at least 4 hours twice a week when he works every week day 9-5…as far as I know anyway. Will got fired from his last job for taking too much time off so I doubt he’d try do the same thing with his new job. I did say I was suspicious as I know Wills’ mother has two days off in the week. The solicitor said I had no obligation to Wills’ parents. I could even not see them and as long as I carried on letting Will see Harry, there would be nothing his parents could do. I also said I was certainly not ruling out the request, just it has to be on standby until Harry doesn’t rely on me so much for breastfeeding. So it’s all down to Harry and his development and I said I couldn’t possibly put any set times on that, which is why I’m desperate for a court not to do that, that is not good for anyone especially not an 18 month old.

Part of me was tempted about saying how Will lets his own son play with batteries and states that “he’s just rolling them,” but I will see how my solicitors response is met by Wills’ solicitor and obviously Will and his parents. I could still ring and say even today that I have doubts for Harry’s safety. Since there’s a good chance this won’t reach court, I will see how things go at the moment. Will texted me today asking how I was doing and how the rest of my holiday was. There’s something chilling about someone who does something quite serious behind your back yet still speaks to you like everything is normal. I haven’t told Will and his family we were back on the night of the 3rd, Harry and I were so jetlagged, we need the week to recover. Harry is eating much better and recovering quite . well. He no longer has a cough. He still won’t drink though. I was hoping since dad looked after him for two hours yesterday that Harry would drink if I wasn’t around those couple of hours. Dad told me he tried but no luck. I am definitely worried this time. I tried to ring Harry’s health visitor yesterday but no answer. Will try again in a bit.

Solicitors are expensive…my consultation was an hour and a half and I had to pay £500. My mum paid at the time on her card as the maximum I had was probably just over £500 on my debit…but my mum will take the money from my account so I am paying. It’s a bit of a shocking amount for an appointment but there’s a massive business in lawyers for sure.


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  1. I am worried about Harry not drinking. He will not take anything other than breast milk? I hope everything goes well with the Lawyers and yes, the prices they charge are ridiculous!
    One a cool side note, this weekend I will be shipping some stuff to England for my friends. They come over here to buy antiques and as a trade for an item I agreed to cover the price of shipping.
    Have blessed day!

  2. Harry has started sipping water again! But only has about a third of his beaker, hoping it is just slow progress after the shock of Mexico. Harry has always been the must frustrating eater ever! haha. Unscathed corpse wow that sounds really good! Sounds exciting, I love sending things or being sent packages or something 🙂

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