Day 12 – 30 Days to True Health

Day 12 was spectacularly sweaty!  It’s been so cold here and I’ve cocooned up in my house pretending outside doesn’t exist.  But guess what?  That makes me lethargic and grumpy.  So today I decided, to hell with the weather (hmmm….hell might actually freeze over today), I’m going to the gym. And I got feisty and wanted to push my body to an extreme, so I challenged Cheryl to join me for two hours of classes….yes….2️⃣ hours….from 🕟 to 🕡 we gruelled through three classes – Power, Spin and Core.  Cheryl was amazing and refused to give up. Even when she felt light headed, she had a banana and kept right on going.  So proud of my girl!  After those two hours, I went straight to my glorious warm Pure Living Yoga Studio for Hot Hatha and Restorative….yes, another 2️⃣ hours….on the mat.  

I’m so proud of myself for doing everything I set out to do. I felt accomplished…..and hungry!!  The food was being stuffed in fast when I got home.  Jim always marvels at how much I eat and stay slim.  But he knows it’s because the food is healthy, lean and fuel for my body. Sometimes he’ll say – you just ate, how can you eat again?  😂

Sleep will be easy tonight, my body is exhausted. Good night and sweet dreams. 😴

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