Do you ever feel so left out from your family? Because you’re so different from them? I try to hard to be perfect because in my eyes they are. Cousins my age had straight A’s, played every sport, got accepted into tons of colleges. And what did I do in high school? I smoked weed and partied all of the time and ended up getting my ged. So whenever I see them I feel so down about myself. I do regret wasting away my education. But I still got an amazing job at a hospital helping people and I plan to go to college as soon as I’m a resident in this state.

I’m trying. I’m trying so hard to make my family proud.

I used to think EVERY family member was perfect, since my parents divorced when I was 3, it was hard to travel and visit a lot. So I would come up a week or two a year. They just did such a good job at hiding their flaws, I had no idea. When I finally moved to this town I slowly found out so much darkness in our family. My uncle committed suicide, almost everyone has a drinking problem, my cousin went to out patient rehab for shooting Heroin, it goes on and on.

I don’t want this to sound bad, but knowing the truth made me feel so much better. I was just so tired of trying to be the best of the best and catching up to my “perfect” family.

No one is perfect.

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  1. I always felt like that..and u know what?? I accepted it. I really dont care what my family thinks..because its me who gotta wake up to this life everyday. I went thru a culture conflict as well..and guess what..til this day they still trippin about who i should date and what he does for a living…o well..its me who gotta build a life wit another human being..why does it bothers them so much..and even if it turns out that things didnt work out so well…o will eventually show u a different path by nature. It aint the end of the world

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