I won’t rely on you.

I’ve been having small conversations with different and they’re responses sort of cross with each other. So I’ve decided to not rely on anyone when it comes to being happy. It’s nothing personal, I’ve just realized that hoping for someone to make my day might be too much to handle. So nobody has to worry about me anymore, I’ll be fine and I’m not just saying that. I really do mean it, I’ll be fine. Slowly remember the guy I use to be before me and ariel became a couple. I know that I can never be that person again, but old habits are coming back. Don’t get me wrong I do miss waking up with you by my side but you’re not here anymore and I have to move on with my life. I laugh more when I drink so I’ll finish this bottle so I can laugh more. Goodnight yall

One thought on “I won’t rely on you.”

  1. I get this. Its hard when you realize you are relying on others to lift you up & they are no where around.

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