Popping Pills

Last night / today I have been having some trouble getting a script filled. The center that called in the prescription for me didn’t give the prescribing doctor’s name. On top of that the center gave the wrong birth date. So without that information the pharmacy can not fill the script.

It is so irritating. I hate the pill popping attitude, we as a society tend to have. No focus, in pain, a little down, no problemo. Pop a pill. These are purely my views. Keep in mind that these factors help me form my personal opinion:

1. I am an addict in recovery. So medication for me, especially narcotics (like pain medication,  anti anxiety pills, and antidepressants) are a huge no no because it can lead to a relaspe. It’s also a partial reason for my addicitions to begin with.

2. A lot of medication is not necessary. ADHD for example can be treated just as effectively through diet. People use to chantex or wellbutrin  to quit smoking, but these pills have a lot of negative side effects that don’t always outweigh the benefits. Also, there are other and just as effective options. I can keep citing examples, but you get the gist.

The above are merely examples of situations where there are better alternatives to popping a pill. Obviously I could cite just as many examples as to when medication is needed, beneficial, and improves the quality of one’s life.

Now that Snoochie has been on all this medication we can not have her stop taking it. The consequences could be disastrous. Discontinuing usage, especially without doctor’s consent could cause her to relaspe and have abother psychotic episode. 

… I really hope this gets fixed today…

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