At school today, the last two classes. It was major time, and we are working on a film project in my group. I don’t really like being in that group. I love what they do there, but I absolutely hate that our group leader is just throwing around random work. Today, it was actually the same in the beginning. But as soon as our group leader left without a trace, the rest of the group was left clueless when the teacher started demanding stuff to be done. Usually, i just let them do their stuff, since the groupleader is basiclly just ignoring my good stuff. Then, the teacher was shouting all kinds of things that we need to be done. And the others in the group were absolutely clueless of what they should do. They all started writing down stuff that was completely wrong, they tried, but didnt really know what they were supposed to do at all. I then closed my laptop, and walked over to them. I went out of my silence, and explained to them exacly what needs to be done, how it has to be done, and went completely leadership! Seriously, after that. I was really proud of myself. 

Anyyywayss, talking about prom again. My hair dresser told me to get myself a tiara. So, I went to the city and got one. She didn’t exacly say what size it would be best for it to be. So I just stood there for awhile looking at them trying to think which one I should chose. The hair dresser probably hoped for me to get one thats not too big, just simple. But, ofcourse, I went all on. I bought the one thats not a crown, but its big. It gives a Queen vibe. 

Right now I’m getting very anxious if maybe im doing alittle too much on my appearance for the prom. When I thought about prom, I was never thinking simple prom. I was thinking more Queen of England stuff hah. (No, not prom Queen, we dont have that here.. I think)

By the way, the picture is the tiara im talking about. 

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