The Trick is to Keep Breathing…

Is love worth it? I’ve come to terms that love isn’t always enough. So at point is the cut off? How much can one person give before it kills them. I am emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. I have lost who I am in the process of helping someone I love find themselves. I have given up everything I thought my life would be and all for what? I thought it was the love of my life. Then I was hurt, over and over and over again. To be cheated on repetitively completely destroys your self worth. I gave it all up, to be destroyed and be a step parent to a child who I have no say so over, am restricted to a 30 mile radius of the father, and the very person who she cheated on me with more than I can count with my fingers. I have tried for years to be okay, to move on and trust again. I will never look at her the same or love her the same and that breaks my heart. I am in constant turmoil. While she has changed and I know this, the damage has been done.  

2 thoughts on “The Trick is to Keep Breathing…”

  1. A great deal of damage. God bless your heart. I pray that healing WILL come, and a whole new life for you. You tried to help someone. Now take care of yourself, do try! Take it slow and easy and do some things you enjoy. Keeping a journal (here, for instance) is good too. Bless you!

  2. Thank you! That means so much to me. I was hesitant starting an online journal but I had to find a way to get all these thoughts down and be semi anonymous at the same time. It does help. Your encouragement helps also. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy with all the thoughts. I will be 30 in March and I WILL NOT live like this through my thirties. @savedbygrace

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