Thursday January 12th

I fly to New York tomorrow. I don’t have anything to do there except get my keys on Sunday morning at 10AM. I think I will go walk around my neighborhood after I get my keys Sunday. I will find a place to eat, go to TJ Maxx, Home Goods, that 2nd hand store, maybe get my nails done. I want to start getting to know the area. On Saturday, I think I will go to the Met. They have guided tours with different focuses. I am going to work on my intellectual self this year and that would be a good start. With the craziness at my school, and living like a hobo, I have been so stressed lately. I actually went to the gas station yesterday and bought 2 king size KitKats. That is my drug of choice right now. I know it’s not the best thing to put in my body, but it’s better than actual drugs or alcohol.

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