Top Ideas for Nursery Themes

Having a baby is a big change in your life. A huge part of preparing for it is decorating the nursery. You want to make sure you have all the things you need and that it is a place you feel comfortable spending time. Ultimately, you’ll spend a lot of time in this room, so you want to make sure it is decorated comfortably for you and for baby. Here are some of the top ideas for nursery decor right now.

Adventure themes

One theme to consider for your nursery is outdoor and adventure. If those things are important to you, they will probably also be important to your little one. It is one of the big trends of 2017. If this is what you choose, you can paint mountains on the wall, and use airplanes or hot air balloons to encourage the adventure theme.

Sweet tooth nursery

For a more whimsical feel to the nursery, you can do a sweets and treats theme. Ice cream, lollipops, cotton candy, and more sweet-looking items fill the room to make it bright and enjoyable. This is truly the nursery of sweet dreams, though it might be a bad idea if you are trying to stick to a diet as a new year’s resolution.

All about the rose gold

Rose gold has become an extremely popular metal color taking over the jewelry industry and, now, nurseries. You can use it as an accent on pieces throughout the room or go so far as to get entire pieces with rose gold. Some people are doing rose gold cribs and side tables to really show it off in the room.

Just like any other room in the house

A huge trend is to make a nursery that doesn’t feel like a child’s room so much as just another part of the house. While you may have toys and diapers hiding in the cabinet, nobody would ever be able to tell it was a child’s room if it weren’t for the crib. Baseboard heater covers hide your radiator heaters, and paint designs are sophisticated and upscale. This allows you to use a style that can be found throughout the house already instead of a room entirely dedicated to your child.

Green, green, green

The color green will be making a big comeback. Entirely green walls, greenery in the baby’s room, green accents. Whatever your fancy, more and more people are opting for green as a main color instead of the traditional pinks and blues. It is especially nice if you have multiple genders of children sharing the room or if you plan to have another baby quickly and want to keep the nursery the same.

Floral decor everywhere

Another big trend is to bring back floral. Flowers are being painted on the walls, used on the sheets, put into pictures. We are even seeing DIY floral mobiles floating above cribs. It may have been an old design, but it is definitely coming back.

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