9:55 PM

I’m actually a bit nervous since finals are in a week or two, hopefully everything will turn out alright, at least enough to boost my grade a bit. I have all C’s, which just means that I’m one grade closer to an F if I’m not careful.

Trying to organize everything when you have little resources is difficult, but manageable. I’m a bit excited since I might be getting something in the mail in a few days. Supposedly soon. Thankfully I’ve felt a bit happier today, even-though I haven’t been sleeping well. My eyes are red and one of them feels incredibly dry for some reason, but oh well. I’ve actually lost five pounds even-though I’ve been eating everything that I crave lately. I suspect that it’s probably muscle loss and water loss though. 

My friend is still in the Hospital, she might be there for about five days total just for mental evaluation. Apparently she met someone she knows in there, so I don’t know what’s happening now. I’m just thankful I’m far from what situation she’s in. Lately she’s been going down the wrong path and doesn’t want my help. It’s best I separate myself from her as soon as possible.

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