A Girlfriend and a Stripper


   Let me keep this short and sweet. I am a 20 year old dancer from Ontario and recently met the love of my life. He is well aware of what I do for work. Now, he may be OKAY with it but he tells me that he cant even think about it. This money goes towards both of us, not just me.

Last night though, I went into a thought. If i had found out he was going to strip clubs that would definitely not be okay with me. If he started pimping that would not be okay with me. These things are different but in my opinion I would consider them under the same category for the most part.

This man trusts me a tremendous amount and it would be a shame if in the future tables turned on me. I have been doing a little research of my own and found this is a huge relationship killer.

I am hoping to hear some thoughts from both sides! Thanks for reading xo


2 thoughts on “A Girlfriend and a Stripper”

  1. Congratulations for going into a thought. You have taken the first step toward reaching a solution to your situation. Like Thunderhead says, a man does not want other men looking at your girl. There are a couple of problems with the dancer profession. First is that men are coming to look at the girls and their assets. It’s one thing to glance at an attractive woman on the sidewalk and leering at a woman as a dancer. Second, dancers are looked at as loose and easy so you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation.
    If you want to form a serious relationship you should look for employment elsewhere. In a serious relationship the money is not the primary element. I am sure you are concerned about your future and look at the money as a primary element. You need to get over that idea.
    You say he may be ok with what you do which means you have not had a conversation with him about it yet. That day will come. better that it come now rather than later when you feelings have deepened and decisions do not come as easy. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what you do but from a relationship standpoint it is normally a deal breaker.

  2. Do you have other skills you could pursue? Even if you take a pay cut, I think your fiancé would be so grateful to have you out of the limelight. If he is TOO okay with it, (your dancing) I would question whether what he feels for you is love or lust. That is harsh, I know. I’m sorry for being so blunt. But it’s something you need to consider, dear. God bless you very much.

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