Anal and oral Sex. 1/13/17

These two are very difficult for me to even emote doing. But it’s possible.

I had a bad experience with Anal in real life. So it’s something I often avoid thinking about but I control my experience with it in SL. That’s what I keep forgetting in SL I have the power to chose. I can escape in SL if I so desire with a single click. But I often don’t I stay and endure things I really don’t have to endure. Anyways back to Anal, I don’t feel fantastic about the idea of it. But I believe that I could withstand it after much contemplation so long as it’s not forced upon me in an extreme way. For example a master going ” grabs her bends her over and sticks my dick in her ass” will result in a scream from me and if he doesn’t stop a log out. Where ” Calls xyla over to me and encourages her to bend over for me as a stroke over her back side then gently part the rounds there and slowly eases myself between them and within the passage there.” will result in a ” Moves over to him and bends as he requests shivering at his touch she knows what to expect next and prepares herself gently pushing back against him as he eases within her.” so it’s more of how I am approached and handled than anything else.

Oral is a bit more complicated as I think of the idea as very disgusting but many enjoy it. I can power through it provided that I am not trapped or blocked from moving away. That I am not gagged or choked in any way. 

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