Throuhgout the years we grow older and as we grow older we encounter success and dissapointment.

In our lives there is our first days, last days, graduation, moving to higher and bigger things, growing old, growing apart from friends, unfortunatley death, and so much more, but I believe one of the biggest things that happens in our lives is the fact that we all haven’t found that one friend that will stick around forever and that’s okay.

For me I thought I had found that person that would stick around and be my best friend until we grew old and had babies with our husbands and could laugh about everything all the time no matter what it was. BUT, as we started to grow out of the high school stages of our life and become adults and moved away from each other we became more and more of opposite people causing us to grow apart.

The main point of this is that there is always going to be that one friend that you can share everything with and there will come a day where you won’t have friends for a while and school and work will be the only thing that matter to you and then theres family and eventually there will be a boyfriend or girlfriend that becomes a large part of your life, but we all have that one person whether we find them or not. Someday we all realize that we are okay without that person and our children and life partners become our best friends and we are okay with that.


So always remember that no matter what happens in this world you will always be loved by someone.

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