Chapter 2 and Genesis 1-3

I know that I do not need to post questions, but I wanted to put some down. For this course, I want to read these scriptures like a manuscript Bible study. In a way of reading the scripture with fresh eyes. As I read through the Bible readings, here is a list of the questions that I had.

Genesis 1
1. How can the earth be empty (1:1)?
2. God created physical darkness on the first day, and it was good. Why do people use the term ‘dark’ to mean something bad, when it was created to be so good?
3. Why weren’t humans created to be water creatures instead of land creatures?
4. Why is there night and day?
5. Why do humans have to shut down and sleep? Do we sleep in heaven? Did sleep happen before the fall?
6. Why did God create animals first?

Genesis 2:
1. Was man made from literal or metaphoric dust?
2. Why was the tree of life in the middle of the garden?
3. Why are there four parts to the river?
4. If God did not tell Adam not to eat from the tree of life, would he have done it?
5. Why didn’t God make the woman at the same time He made Adam?
6. What does it mean to be one flesh?
7. How did Eve become Adam’s wife?

Genesis 3:
1. What is the origin of the evil that came from the snake? Did he eat from the tree of life?
2. How would Adam and Eve even know what it means to be naked?
3. Was it truly God’s original plan for humanity not to wear clothes? Or was the idea more that people just did not care what they looked like?
4. When the Lord asked, “where are you?” to Adam, did he truly not know where Adam was, or did he say it to make a point?
5. Why did Adam blame Eve?
6. Today, women seem to constantly seek for affection in men, and in finding a boyfriend. Is this what God meant in the curse (3:16c) “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you”.

General Reflections:
Based off these questions, a main reflection that I had is just generally, why did God do things the way He did? There were so many ways He could have formed the earth, and formed humanity, but he chose to do it this way. For example, we could have been humans that lived in water (literal “Little Mermaid”), or we could have never had eyebrows. However, we are exactly how we are. That’s pretty cool.
Another reflection that I had is that immediately within the first three chapters of the Bible, we see God’s grace. Yes, He was angry for the sin Adam and Eve had done, but He did what He thought was necessary to deal with that, and then forgave them and worked with them where they were at. That is true grace.
Another reflection I had was that, I was really thinking about what it must have been like for Adam and Eve to receive a bunch of new information, and a new outlook on life. But I was wondering to myself, how did they just know all these things? Was it as if they just saw life in a new perspective, or did a bunch of information come into their heads? This just really makes me wonder what happened.
Finally, reading it with fresh eyes this way made me realize that Genesis is much more complex than I had ever imagined it being. I must see it as much more of a complexity than a simple thing, as I have in the past.

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