Day 13 – 30 Days to True Health

I think the weather is finally going to warm up, but boy has it been a cold streak. Look at that map….the entire province we live in is under an extreme cold warning….THE WHOLE DAMN PROVINCE!  Never seen that in my life and hope to never see it again. But I refused to let it keep me inside, so I headed to an early yoga class, then in to Regina for lots of shopping. Filled my car, no fun stuff, but all the things my house was in need of. 

I did get a new coffee maker today, a Keurig this time.  My Tassimo quit working yesterday, and me without ☕️ is a nasty situation, so a new machine was in straight order. 

I didn’t plan to be gone from home as long as I was, so I didn’t have food with me, but I bought an apple and water on the fly and didn’t even consider a drive-thru.  

Tonight is relaxing and cozy with Jimmy.  We’ve got music and the fireplace and are enjoying each other’s company.  Who would have ever thought?  

Happy Friday!  🙏🏻


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