First day of work in 2017

Got up around 3:30 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. Definitely having a jet lag. Ended up going to a Korean restaurant at 4 AM by myself for a meal and went back to sleep around 6 AM.

Went to work for the first time this year today on Wednesday. It was wet little bit out side but I was able to skate to work and noticed that all my skating mussels are sleeping from the long vacation lol. I need to get back to skating and work out as soon as possible. I got to the office around 10 AM and finally started working again. I had to do couple projects when I was in Korea but didn’t really get a time to catch up with everything from last year. Spent quite amount of time to catch up with new feature branch and found out there are couple issues to be solved. However, I’m so glad to see it’s in it’s place and almost ready to go finally. I just need to make sure that we get that issues take care of as soon as we can so we can move on to next phase.

We also had a lunch together with entire product and engineering team for the new PM Alex. Went to the dim sum place down the street and had lots of dumplings 😉 It was so nice to be in the weather where you can walk around with short sleeve t-shirt. I missed LA! It’s also nice to see new people in the team this year. Hoping to learn a lot this year.

I had to stay little late to talk developers in Vietnam to get that feature branch fixed but not to late to have a dinner with Dosung. He came to pick me up at my place and we went Chosun Galbee for dinner. My first time to be there. Food was good but way too expensive. I’m not sure if I will go back or not but still nice to check that place off on my list. Good time having dinner with him with some conversation about my trip to Korea and life. He gave me a ride back to home. I literally just took a shower and went to bed right after with not knowing that I will wake up early in the morning by this horrible jet lag…

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