One thought on “Friday”

  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing is worthy of suicide. You have no idea what lies ahead for you. Happy that you are seeing a therapist. I did for three years and it was a life changing event. I came out of it loving myself 100%. It saved my life and made me the person I was meant to be. Keep going to therapy. You will find the real you. The one who doesn’t want to die, but wants to be the best that you can be. Most of us think about suicide at sometime in our life, but your not really ending anything. Your just creating endless pain for many who love you. I don’t know your particular situation, but I have been where you are and there is a much more amazing choice than giving up. Stay in therapy and you will learn worlds of positive things about yourself that you are not able to see right now. Hope to see more posts from you. “Been There”

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