Learning How To Love Him

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a friends comment on a Facebook page about a Relationship Book. I looked into what the book was about, read more comments and a few reviews. It seemed interesting enough but I wasn’t sure.
Things got pretty bad between my SO and I at home. We decided we wanted to rebuild our relationship. We didn’t want to just give up and walk away – (even though it seemed so easy to do at the time.)

That’s when I remembered that book. I told myself if I saw it on Facebook, I’d look into it again. Sure enough, there it was on Facebook. I asked my SO if he would be up for it. He told me “Yeah, get it.” I ordered it right then and there.

31 Creative Ways To Love & Encourage Him & Her by Alyssa & Jeff Bethke. 

It came the other day and as soon as I handed him his version of the book, he picked it up and started reading it. <3 That warmed my heart. It shows that he knows it’s important to me – and he’s putting in the effort to make it better.

My first though on the book:
– Wow this is cool, I have mine (Pink) and he has his (Blue)!
*Flips through it and words catch my eye* GOD.. LORD.. SAVIOR.. PRAY.. PRAY.. PRAY..
… Wait hold up, I read that it did not involve much “religion” in the book. Hmm.. Okay, that’s fine but my SO and I are not religious. Not that we are against it but we just both agree it’s more like a story. We know there is something out there – but what, who, and why? Science is also a thing, evolution.. So the idea of 1 God and everything religion follows – isn’t our cup of tea. So we (at least I) brush it off when I read/hear about it.

Well the 1st chapter of the book was about Praying. Okay, that’s cool. I took it in but change the way it was worded just a bit. Anytime it mentions “praying for your husband”, I just think of praying = positive vibes, thoughts and wishes. Put out good vibes and thoughts about my SO. Wells thoughts, hopes, dreams, goals. Say them out loud, ask for help if needed, ask for clarification. I don’t think you need to do it towards “God” himself, but out loud… To YOU. You will find the answers. YOU will. Right? (I mean, who else will look out for YOU..)

—> One thing I found odd when I was looking up “Prays for Husbands” on Pinterest is a lot of them are praying to God to keep their husbands healthy, strong and faithful. To be the strong one in the family, bring home money and have support. Those things are great but why are they asking God for those things? It just seems like a lot to be asking someone else to do. But maybe that’s the power of God, right? (I don’t know.. I should be educated on it more.)

But taking that, into what I’m calling “praying” – I love it. I would love nothing more than to every morning and night to think of my SO.. To think of our goals and future together. To be reminded of our love, bond and why we are together. I want to be encouraged for us to have the strength to get through the day. Have a healthy mind, body and soul. To be faithful and loyal to each other. Trust. All of that. 

I’m going to start Praying for my SO each day. Dedicate time to him and send good vibes and thoughts his way. 

I will update more as I do the book. I’m about to start Day 2. 


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