My Not So Grand Love Story

This story is my love story, but its not just a story. Its a story in the making. Most love stories we know of are older, when romance was GRAND, and SPECTACULAR. Everything about love was so intense. There was death, forbidden love. And centuries of love inbetween. And while my love story isnt all that long yet, isnt all that GRAND or SPECTACULAR or even made with big gestures of love, its my story. So with that in mind, here is your choice. 1) stay here, and read about the ups, downs,drama, fuck ups, and mistakes both i and my love has made. or 2) leave now, and probably never think about this post ever again. its up to you. For the protection of both my love and i, He will be labeled as J. And i will be Me or I. The start of our story is strange. turns out for a couple years we were always missing eachother. i had moved to a new town with my mom and my step-monster of a step dad. Hes a pot head, putting it softly. His name is warren. (middle name) we have NEVER gotten along well. As it turns out he has this friend he had from a long time ago who he got reconnected with who happened to be a weed dealer now. i was in 11th grade when we moved and while i was told that him and his son would come over, me being the introvert that i was, never cared to leave my room to greet them. well as much as i loved avoiding warrens unwanted guests (and only friends) my mother dragged me on a pontoon with warrens drug dealer friend, and his drug dealers family. Which included a bitchy 14 year old step daughter who were gonna call maddison. his son who was 17, his bitchy girlfriend-wife thing who were gonna call Nicole. when i got there the family was already there. we got onto the boat and us kids sat there in silence. the boy across from me was very heavyset. blonde with blue eyes and some wireframed glasses. and thats where it should have started. You would think so but no. We didnt say a single word to eachother. we pretty much avoided eye contact. you could tell he didnt come by choice. Same as myself. when we got home i didnt think about that boy ever again. not until we moved about a year later to a town that was 20 minutes away from his house. him and his father came to visit. again i didnt care. i just stayed upstairs in my brand new room that was an attic. well turns out i got hungry. now me being the ditz i am had forgotten we had guests until i swung open the door that opened to my still empty dining room where stood a man about 18ish years old. very tall and built. high cheek bones, glasses gone, bright blue eyes, he was gorgeous. and there i stood, in a purple streched out tanktop with half of my cleavage falling out, curly, wild hair in a mess on top of my head, and some ratty old sweatpants. completely forgetting about my hunger i walk up to him with confidence i dont know where it came from. ive never been good with guys. never had a boyfriend at this point either. at 18 with no boyfriend ever. it just wasnt something important to me. i just walked up and the first thing that pops out of my mouth is “hey, do you like video games?” he gave me grin and that one grin gave me butterflys and the smiles. he tells me that yes, in fact he loves video games. i could feel my heart beating so hard in my chest. i invited him upstairs where boxes lied thrown across the floor and clothes laid around on the floor. I pulled out my ps3 games out and laid them in front of him thinking he would choose one. we ended up not even playing a game. we just sat and talked. and no it wasnt a pleasant talk. it was actually one of the most boring conversations ive ever had with someone else my age. he sat there and talked about this kid who we are gonna call B ad this lunchlady from school. he talked about that for about 20 minutes but i didnt mind. i kinda liked just watching him talk. it was not interesting but it was cute. then he had to leave, i asked for his phone and he asked “why?” like it was a stupid thing to ask for. pretending i still had my confidence i said “to put my number in of course.” he told me that he doesnt use his phone to text because he hadnt turned it on in a long time, it was a prepaid phone of course. as i just kind of accepted it. he had told me not to worry though hell add me on facebook. so when he left i sat there constantly looking back at my phone hoping to get a friend request. well it didnt come that night. or the next night. so i looked him up. i found him easily. but i didnt want to add him. because i didnt want to seem desperate that i went and added him because he took to long. i thought maybe he forgot…or maybe it was that… he was never gonna add me, he just said that, maybe his phone wasnt even prepaid, it was just a reason to not text me. i didnt know. but it drove me crazy. it wasnt until about 2 weeks later when my phone dinged in the middle of the day. i look over at it to see i had gotten a friend request from the boy i was just waiting on. if you come back hopefully ill have more for you if your interested. let me know at the bottom.

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