As I sit here at my desk I look outside and see the freshly fallen snow pounded into the snow by each car that drives by. I see the way the air looks against people’s skin as it turns it to ice and freezes away any emotion they may have. I watch as the people stumble across the sidewalks as the ice get thicker. I smell the fresh air through my nose as I step out into the blistering cold and watch as people run to their cars almost slipping across the very slippery icy roads.

I hear car horns honking as they try to pass those who are driving slow and taking it easy trying not to crash their cars into others.


On another note I see children using these extra days of snow to play with their friends and family. I see workaholics take days off because they don’t have a choice, but they enjoy the quality time they get to spend with their loved ones. I see people laughing and throwing snowballs. I see more people exercising as they walk to the store instead of driving through the ice. I see and hear couples taking pictures in the snow because they think it would be cute for their instagram and other social medias.

As I sit here working away at my desk I see, smell, hear and feel everything about the snow just pushing against myself showing me that no matter what the weather might be or how you might preceive it, theres always that one person or that one activity that makes you smile and laugh and just enjoy the fact that you are stuck at home or at a hotel. You remember the good times you had as a child with your family. Playing in the snow building snowmen and snowwomen. How you would be so proud of your aim because you FINALLY hit your friend with a snowball.

All those memories make everything bad just dissapear.

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