This is….

Today is one of those days when it seems like I’m about to explode from all the external pressure. Every time I turn around, it’s as if there’s yet one more thing added to my overflowing plate with an impossible deadline to make, with 5 things being shoved at me that are “my” mistakes and I have to fix them. And if I don’t play the robot and obey every command, I’m the worst monster in the world, not an individual person who is trying to do the best thing for her children without destroying herself or putting them in harm’s way. My dreams mean nothing, my life means nothing, my beliefs mean nothing. The whole world screams that unless I accept the hypocritical conformity of tolerance, I am a bigot, closed-minded, hate-filled person that should be obliterated from existence.

Yet, still I stand. Somehow, I stand.

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