yeah so anyway

i’m not going to bother to capitalize any part of this unless it’s to make it all caps to make me seem not dead inside yeah so anyway:

i have a phys quiz, geo test, and english timed argumentation tomorrow, as well as a piece of accounting homework to finish in class. i did something wrong and the numbers weren’t adding up today.

sat’s are coming up next week. i can take it again if i fail, but i don’t allow myself to fail standardized tests, because that’s stupid, and i try not to be–

also, i wouldn’t want to break the two-time family record of taking the sat once, getting a kickass score, and going to college with a hefty scholarship. need to work hard.


(i work hard so i can hate myself less.)

(i work harder so i can feel like a person.)




i want to wear all black tomorrow. black is my happy color. all-black is my happy outfit. i want to wear all black tomorrow.


this looks a little bit like very odd poetry, doesn’t it? strangely formatted poetry, almost.


let’s keep going. let’s keep writing. i’m tired.


i’m stressed. grades are everything. need those a’s.


this lo-fi hip hop is making me wish it were raining right now, outside. january is too sunny in texas. it offends me.

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