Dear anyone that takes time out of their day to read this,

For starters the only reason I am doing this is because its a new year’s resolution and I told myself that I was just going to write everyday. Man have I already broken that, but I want to get better about giving myself time during the day to reflect and see what it is that I have done, need to do, and even reflect on what I want to do. 

For a christian like myself, steering off the spiritual path is easier than you think it is and way too dangerous to try and handle all alone. A daily reminder to yourself that Jesus is still going to handle all your problems and that it is going to be okay is important to do for yourself. 

I want to be a different person this year and hopefully grow a lot spiritually and as a person. On this online journal thing I’m going to be posting a lot of useless stuff and stories, hopes and dreams, and maybe even a few anonymous letters. Who knows really. But I’m going to do it. Maybe. 

For now folks, K

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  1. Hey fearfullyandwonderfullymade…Ola….I too am a christian…or actually I consider myself more a child of GOD…I go to church when I can…but I don’t have a car right now so that is a bit difficult…but that is okay. GOD is not just in the church…that is just where HIS children meet to worship HIM. HE is with me always. Yea…I certainly know what you mean by wandering off the path…I find myself doing that alot…but when I get to the point where I am standing at the line…ready to step over it…a question comes to mind…”is this really what you want? in your heart of hearts? Are you willing to give up all you have gained? :LOL…and usually the answer is NO. If you ever want to talk….just write me a comment and we can go from there…stay strong…and faithful.

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