Day 14 – 30 Days to True Health

Today was a great day!  Mandi convinced me to go for a ride in the vault.  So we headed off to the new Wheelhouse Cycle Club with two of her coworkers. We had a blast. It is so much fun there.  When the vault door closes and the lights go out, it’s just me and my bike.  The music pounds, the sweat pours and everything is left on the floor!  Nothing matters in the vault except the immediate; existing in my body and soul.  My picture today is our before and after snaps….we actually look happier after the ride!

And then you get your placement email.  I placed 8 out of 15 riders…..ummmm, what??  7 riders did worse than me? Seriously? I’m 50 years old and I out-road those pretty skinny little girls.  I’ve been feeling I’ve lost strength and endurance so today made me feel strong and vibrant again. 💪🏼

I had a late nap this afternoon 😴….it was daylight when I laid down, dark when I woke up.  I love napping….I think it’s Mother Nature’s giant hug for us and makes everything feel better.  

Food was here and there today, but I got it all in and made good choices.  I was nervous about pushing too hard at the ride and getting nauseous, but all was well.  Tomorrow I weigh and measure.  I don’t feel like anything has changed this week.  Guess I’ll find out soon enough.  


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