Day 321 – School and brother

Friday, January 13th 2017

Uuuugh. I’m really tired but there’s one thing that happened today that I have to write about, so I’m writing, I guess.

I’ve been really tired lately because of school, hence the skip of a couple of entries. The first skip was because I stayed 2.5 hours after school to do the math test I missed. I spent 1.5 hours of it and the remaining waiting to see if my teacher would show up because I blanked and needed help. She never did and the teacher supervising me did not teach 11th grade math, so she couldn’t help me (she’s really nice though, she used to help out at my elementary school; she’s also been walking with a limp, hope she’s okay). So I was really discouraged with how it went because I left half of it empty.

The day after I got to finish my test at lunch, since my teacher immediately knew I froze. She explained what I had to do and then on one question I got stuck, so she did the first part and said if I can finish it, I’d only lose a point. I was stuck again and she pointed out what I missed. So she was really generous with my test and I ended up with an A. I feel like I kinda cheated on it with that much help, but with the stress of exams and students minds being all over the place, I’m more accepting of it.

Today I started with math and we did the quiz for the unity I haven’t been practicing. I will be doing so during the weekend.

Then I had technology and I am 3/4 through the second/last part of the exam. I would have finished, but even if I followed everything my teacher said step by step, and rechecking, my result isn’t the same as his and he was absent, so I couldn’t ask for his help.

At lunch I asked Kohai to sit with us. We talked about good and bad teachers, more so bad teachers and joked about the math teacher we always talk about. He’s a nice teacher, but has such an emotionless face.

I then had cooking class and we watched a movie. I think it was called Chef. About a guy with a food truck and his son. It made me hungry.

I finished with programming and I did the contact PHP work my teacher wanted us to do on our website. It works fine, just have to arrange the style a bit. I also have to pick pictures this weekend for the website.

When I got home I immediately left again to go with my brother to the airport (this is the thing I needed to write about), since he left for New York to meet an online friend for the weekend. This is the first time since I was a kid that he will be gone for more than a day (usually I’m the one to leave). The next couple of days will be a little weird, since I won’t be able to talk to him about random things I’m excited about or he won’t be there to tell me his random things. Also, I texted him a bit before his flight and so did my mom. He has pretty funny humor when it comes to texting. My mom said he already missed him and he said “so you must be a Stormtrooper”. Get it? Since they miss all the time. He also said to me “What’s up? Not me” since his flight was delayed.

When I got home I ate St. Hubert’s (since I was in the mood for it so my parents got takeout), and Megg texted me since we planned to have our Friday talk. I was just really tired and not in the mood to talk to anyone, so I said we’d have to cancel and apologized for it. My social energy is just not there. Depending on how things are this weekend, I might ask if we can have our talk Saturday, but I did already plan to do stuff with staff and to study math, so we’ll see.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Sounds like a good day, Obs. Getting tired when you’re busy is normal, but don’t forget to give yourself a break every now and then and have fun too. Your brother sounds like he’s really funny.

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